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Providing a full range of pre-completion Sound Insulation Testing & Certification Services to comply with Part E of the Building Regulations.

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Acoustic Consultancy Services

ATSPACE services

At ATSPACE we provide clients with a full range of pre-completion Sound Insulation Testing & Certification Services to comply with Part E of the Building Regulations – through our team of Sound Insulation Engineers.

Sound Insulation Testing must be carried out in all new build dwellings and conversions that are adjoining with separating walls or floors, and carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-4 & BS EN ISO 140-7.

Whatever the size of your project we will be happy to provide you with full ‘end-to-end’ support – from initial Design & Consultancy Services through to Testing & Certification, meaning that your test results will be accepted and available for viewing by your local building control.

Whilst Sound Insulation Testing is our main focus – we are always happy to help – and over the past few years our team have been involved in many differing projects that require appropriately qualified Acoustics expertise – including:- Noise Impact Assessments on Pubs, Clubs & Entertainment Events, Public Transport Schemes and Acoustics Design & Testing for Schools and Public Buildings.

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Noise Impact Assessment – Construction Sites (Desktop)

Carry out Noise and Vibration surveys of existing ambient conditions prior to the start of construction, including:
• Preparation of Construction Environmental Management Plans
• Codes of Construction Practice
• Construction Noise & Vibration Predictive Modelling using BS5228 procedures
• Liaison between contractors and local authorities to minimise construction impact
• Provide advice on Mitigation & Control Measures meet local authority criteria
• Undertake Noise & Vibration Monitoring during construction to ensure compliance with agreed procedures.

Acoustic Design Review – Desk Based and/or Site Visit

Provide the client with:
• Advice & Recommendations – based on the review of drawings and information, provided by the client – to identify sound insulation targets
• Produce a full report if requested
All advice provided by ATSPACE Ltd. is backed by £5million of professional indemnity insurance.

Sound Insulation Testing – On-Site

• Conduct pre-completion Sound Insulation Testing in accordance with BS EN ISO 140 and the Building Regulations Approved Document E 2003 – ‘Resistance to the Passage of Sound’
• Prepare and produce sound test reports.

Noise Impact Assessment – Entertainment Events

• Assessment of – noise emanating from outdoor sporting and entertainment events, pubs and clubs and its impact upon nearby residents
• Determination of – ‘site suitability’ of outdoor venues, taking account of event type; proximity of residential development and proposed timings and duration
• Preparation of reports – in respect of Potential Noise Impact and Proposed Control Measures for License Applications for Outdoor Music Events.
• Assessment of – Noise Control & Liaison with Local Authorities regarding Compliance with License Conditions
• Assessment of – Acoustic Insulation Treatment of Pubs & Clubs to minimise Noise Emissions.

Noise Impact Assessment – Environmental

Carry out:
• Assessments, Surveys or Predictive Calculations – As Required by the Client
• Preparation of Reports & Recommendations
• Liaison with Local Planning Authorities & Environmental Health Departments to determine relevant Noise Criteria

Provision of Acoustic Evidence

Provide Expert Evidence on Noise for: Public Inquiries; Local Plan Inquiries; Parliamentary and Licensing Committees; Magistrates and Crown Court Hearings.
This work may involve:-
• Preparation of Technical Reports and Proofs of Evidence
• Meetings with Counsel
• Discussions with Objectors
• Presentation of Evidence

Noise Impact Assessment – Housing

• Undertake – Surveys of Ambient Noise & Vibration Levels in order to determine the Noise Reduction needed to comply with guideline levels of WHO and BS8233
• Provide – Advice on the selection of appropriate windows and ventilation that ensure compliance with the above standards, including mitigation of any mechanical noise sources used in the ventilation system
• Provide – Advice on remediation where the required Sound Insulation standards are not met.

Noise Impact Assessment – Industrial Premises

• Undertake – Assessment of Noise Impact on Industrial Sites, including: Noise at Work Regulations Assessments; Compliance with BS4142 and Noise Abatement Notices.

Noise Impact Assessment – Public Transport

• Undertake – Noise Impact Assessments for Public Transport Schemes

Acoustic Design & Testing – BB93 for Schools

Regulation BB93 covers: Impact of External Noise; Sound Insulation between Teaching Areas; Acoustic Treatment of Rooms & Spaces
• Provide – Advice & Guidance based upon Drawings & Information provided by the Client to aid in determination of Sound Insulation Targets – compliant to BB93 standard
• Undertake – Sound Insulation Testing to meet BB93 Standard

Acoustic Design & Testing – BREEAM

There are two elements which are HEA 05 Acoustic Performance (Health and Wellbeing), and Pol 5.

The aim of HEA 05 is to meet the following acoustic principles of:

  1. Sound Insulation
  2. Indoor ambient noise level
  3. Reverberation times

Pol 5: Noise attenuation. The aim here is to reduce the likelihood of noise arising from any fixed installations on the new development affecting the surrounding buildings.

A project involving BREEAM will include appointing an acoustic consultant in the early stages of the design requirement, highlighting any potential risks or concerns. This is then followed up with a design brief so all credits can be obtained through the various criteria’s.

ATSPACE have carried out hundreds of BREEAM projects with SUCCESS. Call now to speak to your dedicated account manager to get the project moving forward.

• Provide – Sound Insulation Design and/or Testing for BREEAM Requirements
• Calculate & Provide – Credits against HEA05 (Health & Well Being) and POL05 (Pollution)

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