Can improving your home’s air tightness save you money?

By building a tighter property, your building standards will improve, which will provide you with a better end product, and the property’s running costs and energy efficiency will improve.

As with anything, the better the final air tightness test result, the better the energy calculation, which in turn means the final EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) will have a higher rating. So, it’s always best to make sure that you seal those gaps and build to the highest possible standards. You can always make improvements, especially on older homes.

By ensuring the best air tightness result, your EPC will have a higher rating, but your building will also run more efficiently, your heating and lighting costs should be less, and the energy efficiency will be better. Which in the present time is everything we’re all looking for. There’s never going to be a better moment to reduce costs. With energy prices on the rise, we’re all looking for ways to save money.

Air tightness testing is a mandatory requirement of Part L of the building regulations for a new build property, whether residential or commercial. All new build buildings must be tested. But that doesn’t mean older properties have to be out on a limb. As stated above, improvements can be made, you just need to know how. ATSPACE can offer advice whenever you need it. No obligation.

The air tightness test of a building is guided by a set target within the energy calculation (SAP or SBEM). The overall calculation determines the target figure. The better the air test result, the less leaky or draughty your property will be. As a minimum, the target figure must be met or bettered to pass the air tightness test. You must provide a copy of the air test certificate and EPC to sign off your building upon completion of the build. Once provided, building control can sign off the build.

The building should be tested as soon as it is complete, as all the final finish has been completed and the best chance of a successful result is possible. Once the property becomes occupied and lived in, the fabric of the building will change.

ATSPACE can help you improve the air tightness of your property, and as stated above, this will also help you reduce the energy consumption of your build. If you’d like to know more, contact us so we can talk you through the possibilities!