The zero carbon homes policy announced in 2006, for all new dwellings from 2016 onwards to generate as much energy on-site This would happen through renewable sources such as wind or solar power, as they would use in heating, hot water, lighting and ventilation, was scrapped last year. Despite this, the Climate Change Act we are still, as a Country, required to achieve an 80% reduction in the CO2 emissions from our homes by 2050.

To be able to achieve this, we need to start building homes now that are “2050 ready”.There are various types of tests you will need to carry out on your build to help towards this. One of these tests is the Extractor Fan Testing. This should be completed in compliance with Part F of the Buildings regulations and is inclusive of all background ventilation systems and all intermittent systems (such as bathroom ventilation and cooker hoods). These will need to be checked with regards to air flow to make sure that they are working to their correct capacity. As you continue with your build you will need to comply with various testing procedures and these in turn will ensure that your dwelling is air tight. To achieve this you will need to allow the correct air flow into your dwelling and minimise any heat losses without compromising the ‘air tightness’ of the dwelling itself. This will provide your build with fresh, clean air and an energy efficient home or business.

Mould and damp are only a few side effects of having the incorrect extraction system. It is vital that not only do you purchase the correct type of system for the job required but that it is fitted correctly to achieve its full potential. The fittings of these items will also be checked carefully during the Fan testing procedure. Upon passing these tests you will receive all required documentation to be able to continue with your project(s). Essentially your build needs to have low air ‘leakage’ with the correct ventilation. ‘Leakage’ within the dwelling is not beneficial when completing such tests as this can be determined as heat loss and un-controlled ventilation. Should you require more information about Fan Testing or any other building Compliance then please get in contact with one of our team members here at ATSPACE who will be happy to help you with any questions that you may have.

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