The Approach

Due to the stringent nature of the Passive House Standard, ATSPACE LTD has devised a specific and comprehensive range of Air Permeability Testing and Monitoring services for various stages of Passive House projects, to ensure that the Passive House standard is met successfully on every project we are commissioned on.

The approach highlighted below is not solely used for Passive House projects. We have used many of these services on standard residential and commercial buildings with the requirement of achieving compliance to Part L of the Building Regulations.

Design Concept Review

A design concept review is carried out to highlight any potential anomalies or flaws in the design or drawings for any given project, at the earliest possible stage. These can be both site or desk based.

Membrane Stage Testing

The first active testing takes place at Membrane Stage to ascertain the current air permeability of the building. During this visit, time is allocated to highlight potential defects and leakage areas currently existing.

1st Fix Stage Testing

Similarly, to membrane stage testing, the 1st Fix Stage Test is used to analyse the current performance of the build.
Again, extra time is allocated to identify areas of leakage and to recommend remedial strategies. These recommendations can be either verbal or written.

Site Visits

It is common to undertake several visits to site at various stages of the build to monitor progress, assist, diagnose and provide advice on how to rectify potentially problematic areas.

These visits can also be used to assist in analysing the performance of contractors to ensure that a high quality of output is being produced.

Thermographic Imaging

Thermographic Imaging is used in conjunction with site visits as a valuable visual aid, to ascertain and depict the surface temperature of a building component and to gain information relating to heat losses. Qualitative examination of thermal insulation measures, thermal bridges, and other factors relating to air ingress are also analysed.

Smoke Testing

Odourless smoke is used alongside an air pressure test to observe leakage from outside of the building. This highlights areas of leakage in a visual manner, allowing the client to remediate applicably upon further internal investigation.

Pre-Completion Air Permeability Testing

The final stage of the Passive House process is the Pre-Completion whole building Air Permeability Test to successfully meet the Passive House standard of ≤0.6ACH. The result will be the average of both the Pressurised and Depressurised Tests.

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