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Residential Air Testing

Delivering a full range of Air Pressure Testing Services across the UK to meet all your Part L building compliance requirements. From design stage to project completion we are here to help you.

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Residential Air Testing

ATSPACE services

Delivering efficient and cost-effective Residential Air Pressure Testing services to meet all your Part L1A / Part L1B Building Regulations compliance requirements is our speciality.

From one-off tests for home owners and self-builders, providing advice and consultancy for architects and quantity surveyors, through to hundreds of tests on large-scale developments for national construction companies. Our team of skilled and accredited engineers are committed to helping our customers achieve success.

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Achieving a successful pass to meet the required standard of Parts L1A or L1B of the Building Regulations is the final stage of a lengthy process that begins initially at the design stage for new or converted dwellings. Here at ATSPACE we recognise that each of our customers has differing requirements and possibly more importantly, differing levels of understanding of what is required along the journey to achieve successful completion.

Drawing Review – off-site or on-site

Desktop design advice for Part L1a of the Building Regulations, delivering advice and guidance at the design stage and beyond. Comprising a full review of your detailed drawings with the aim of identifying design flaws and potential anomalies within the build and providing advice on how these can be eliminated or overcome in an easy-to-read report.

Normally this is a desk-based exercise carried out by one of our experienced engineers. However, if your build is already in progress we will be happy to attend a meeting on-site, at your convenience, to discuss the project.

Pre-Air Pressure Test – Site Visit

A pre-test site visit for Part L1a of the Building Regulations by one of our experienced engineers, comprising a top-to-bottom examination of the build (where accessible) with the client or site agent in a “walk and talk” format – where you can take notes and ask questions.

As well as providing staightforward, practical advice and solutions we will also offer insight into the common leakage areas and pitfalls and the “Air Test mind-set”, ensuring peace of mind come test day. This service is highly valued by many of our repeat clients who have been able to steadily improve their Air Permeability performance and stay ahead of regulation changes.

Pre-Air Pressure Test – Summary Report

Our simple to understand reports are presented with annotated photographs, explaining the potential issues discovered in your Pre-Air Pressure Test visit. This is particularly useful when developing an Air Barrier Strategy and the subsequent co-ordination of on-site contractor responsibilities during the build process.

Air Pressure Test – Pre-improvement of existing building

For existing buildings (Part L1B of the Building Regulations) we are happy to undertake a formal on-site Air Pressure Test, prior to any improvement works being carried out.

We will identify current air losses, deliver you a single to understand ‘tick box’ report, as well as identifying specific areas of leakage relevant to improving energy performance. The pressure test will be carried out to ATTMA TS1 issue 2 (BS, EN Standard 13829:2001) standard.

Air Pressure Test – Post-improvement of existing building

Following completion of the modifications to the existing building we will undertake formal Air Pressure Testing to quantify improvements in energy performance and air leakage. This testing will include the associated test report(s) and certificate(s). The pressure test will be carried out to ATTMA TS1 issue 2 (BS, EN Standard 13829:2001) standard.

Air Pressure Test – Smoke Test

Diagnosis using a combination of odourless, non-toxic smoke and building pressurisation to identify leakage exit points and flow paths, this is the most effective way to quickly identify defects within the building structure for air leakage. If the testing is for evidential purposes a detailed report can be provided upon request.

Air Pressure Test – Site Visit

Part L1A of the Building Regulations – we will carry out a one-off site visit involving explanation of the Air Pressure Test and our requirements, as well as provide an overview of the Air Pressure Testing process and offer advice on general issues where potential problems could occur. Please allow for up to 1 hour on site.

Air Pressure Test – Official Test

Part L1A of the Building Regulations – formal Air Pressure Testing to ATTMA TS1 issue 2 (BS,EN Standard 13829:2001) standard, to comply with approved document L1 of the Building Regulations including all associated test report(s) and certificate(s), which are produced directly via our online cloud portal. All of our engineers are iATS Certified. An easy-to-read checklist will provide assistance to prepare the build for testing – FREE of charge.

Within a single site visit for Air Pressure Testing – our test engineers are able to carry out up to 15 tests within the working day, under normal circumstances. ATSPACE offer all our clients significant discounts when conducting multiple tests in this manner.

Air Pressure Test – Failure Report

Part L1A of the Building Regulations – as part of our comprehensive service, should any of your Air Pressure Tests not meet the required standard we will be happy to produce a failure report – indicating why a test has failed and suggesting ways to ensure future success when the plot is re-tested.

Air Pressure Test – Multi-Unit Testing

Much of the Air Pressure Testing that we carry out is as the preferred supplier for a number of the country’s leading construction companies. Often on large housing developments or mixed residential and commercial sites which can require Air Pressure Testing on hundreds of buildings.

For these large-scale projects we offer our clients a contract price and will undertake to carry out the workload over a number of visits to site. Each of these projects will be individually managed and we recognise that with such projects our skilled test engineers need to be flexible, adaptable and above all, committed to delivering results to the agreed schedule.

All multi-unit testing projects will be carried out to Part L1A of the Building Regulations by iATS Certified Test Engineers. Formal Air Pressure Testing to ATTMA TS1 issue 2 (BS,EN Standard 13829:2001) standard, to comply with approved document L1 of the Building Regulations.

In addition, we can arrange for all associated test reports and certificates to be immediately delivered direct to the client/site contact, via our online cloud portal – thereby enabling our clients to remain abreast of status and progress at all times.

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