You may think that there is a lot of red tape to pass to be able to continue with your build. With all these Building regulation tests to pass it can sometimes feel like there is too much going on. One of the regulations that you have to adhere to is Sound testing and to do so you will need to employ an assessor. Sound testing companies such as ATSPACE carry out such compliance testing on a daily basis and are here to support you should you require it. ATSPACE knows and understands the importance of the acoustic design of a build and the impact this can have on not only the testing itself but the happiness and comfort of the future occupants. It is imperative to employ an assessor at the earliest design stage. You will therefore benefit from their knowledge and experience and you can be confident in receiving that well needed pass. This will not only be beneficial financially but can also save valuable time. Sound Insulation testing is set out in Part E of the Building regulations and should comply with all the relevant criteria. There are two main areas when considering a Sound Insulation Test and these are Airborne and impact sound insulation. Airborne predominantly refers to noise that is created from devices such as televisions and radios etc. It will also include background noise that may interfere with surrounding properties. Impact sound refers to the performance of party floors and walls and their effectiveness in absorbing sound and vibrations.

ATSPACE is here to help you through the Sound test and also all other compliance testing. Should you require any advice or an assessor to undertake the tests then please get in contact with a member of our friendly team who will be happy to assist you with your enquiries.

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