Unless your dwelling is completely detached, or built to Robust Details standard, you will need to comply with Part E of the Buildings Regulations by undertaking a Sound Test. These regulations apply to new builds, refurbishments and conversions. This test will measure the output of sound from a particular dwelling as well as taking into consideration the amount of noise and vibrations entering the building from external sources such as railways or airports. Sound testing is carried out to ensure that you can demonstrate acceptable levels of sound insulation for your dwelling. This includes party wall and floor insulation which must be tested to make sure they comply with all relevant criteria. Depending on your project or build you may have to comply with BREEAM testing which will assess the environmental performance of both new and existing builds to ensure compliance with the relevant criteria.

Due to all new builds having to comply with these regulations it is important that you not only pass these tests but that you pass them with a top score to stay ahead of the game. To achieve this it is beneficial to get a Sound Testing engineer involved in your project as early as possible, even from the design stage. This will enable you to take advantage of their knowledge and expertise from the outset and therefore you will be able to implement any changes that they may suggest you make in order to achieve the required results. Not only would this be beneficial to the schedule of your project it would also save money long-term due to possible changes being made before the work has begun. By providing a well implemented acoustic design it will allow for positive results within the relevant tests. ATSPACE offers a wealth of knowledge and accredited engineers to assist you with any Sound Testing requirements you may have. Please get in touch with any build regulation requirements.

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