Air Tightness testing is carried out on your dwelling with the aim of understanding how ‘air-tight’ your dwelling is. These results will have to adhere to the Building regulations set out in section L1A for residential and Part L2A for commercial properties. These tests are completed by attaching a regulated piece of equipment onto the main door frame and then by calculating the size of the house and the volume of air in the house it enables the engineers to calculate the air ‘leakage’. The idea is to establish the air pressure difference between the inside and outside of the building. The building itself will be de-pressurised to establish any leakage points. The results will then be input onto a computer and evaluated. All air tightness tests with satisfactory results will be issued with relevant certification. These tests have to be undertaken by engineers who have completed the relevant training and hold all appropriate certification for their qualifications. In the event of failure of air tightness test a smoke test can be offered. This will enable you to visibly see where the offending leakage points are and will therefore allow you to rectify the problems in those affected areas in order to achieve a pass.

It can be beneficial to get an engineer to look over any plans you may have drawn up with regards to air testing, as early as possible. This will enable the engineer to point out any obvious factors that may impinge on achieving a satisfactory result that complies with all relevant criteria. By taking advantage of this option it will inevitably be cost and time effective for your current project. ATSPACE can provide you with qualified engineers and a wealth of knowledge and experience. Should you have any questions regarding Air Tightness Testing or any other building compliance then our team will be happy to assist you with your enquiries.

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