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Robust methodology - Over 1700 compliant customers in Passive House Air Pressure Testing

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“ATSPACE, quite literally, held our hands throughout the whole process. We reached air pressure test target of 0.6 ACH and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the ATSPACE team”

Jane Fuller

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At ATSPACE, we like to be as transparent as possible. That’s why we’ve provided a breakdown of our costs for every service we provide. Simply click on the filter to find out what you can expect to pay when you select ATSPACE as your building compliance partner.  


Passive House Air Leakage Testing Services 

Desk and Site Based

Air Leakage is key for any Passive House. Below is our recommended process throughout the stages of the build. For More EXPERT advice please contact us.
Description Cost
Passive House Volumetric Model -
Desk Based Service

To be calculated prior to the Passive House Air Leakage Test(s) to ascertain the result of air changes per Hour.  A MUST if you don’t have the volume calculated to Passive house standards. 
Passive Air Leakage Test  Stage 1 (Water tight) -
Site Based Service

Diagnostic Air Leakage Testing to ascertain current performance - give recommendations and photographic report.
Passive Air Leakage Test  Stage 2 (1st Fix) -
Site Based Service

Diagnostic Air Leakage Testing to ascertain current performance - give recommendations and photographic report.
Passive  Air Leakage Test Stage 3 (Formal)
To meet Passive House standards and to comply with ATTMA TS1 issue 2 (BS, EN Standard 13829:2001), for compliance to Part L1a of the Building Regulations and issue of certification.

Cost Variances - Super Large Dwellings - Super Remote Locations

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100% FIRST TIME Pass Rate (Using Full Suite of Passive Services)
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Instant Results - Signed off for Passive and Part L Standards

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Air Tightness Drawing Review:
Review your drawings and implement your Passive House Air Pressure testing strategy before a spade is put in the ground.

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Passive House Volumetric Modelling:
No one really appreciates the importance of the volumetric measurements require to work out the Air changes an Hour to Meet Passive Standards. Get Booked in to calculate yours.

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Passive House Air Pressure test (s) (VCL - Water Tight Stage):
Passive House Diagnostic Air Permeability Testing at the VCL and Watertight Stage. Do NOT exceed this stage without a diagnostic test from our experts. Smoke can be a great tool to find small and problematic areas of concern.

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Passive House Air Pressure test (s) (1st Fix Stage):
Passive House Diagnostic Air Permeability Testing at the 1st Fix Stage. Before everything gets fully covered up check at this stage for leakages. A MUST to meet Passive Standards.

Uncomplicated Compliance

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100% Building Control Certified
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DBS Certified - Feel Safe
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Passive House Certified Level 1 & 2 ATTIMA & IATS

Developed in Germany in the 1990’s, the Passivhaus Standard (Passive House) is the fastest growing energy performance standard in the world. The standard promotes a robust approach to building design – to create a dwelling that has an excellent thermal performance, coupled with exceptional air tightness and heating which can be recovered and circulated by a Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery (MVHR) Unit.

Some of the key attributes of the Passive House dwelling include:

  • • Super insulation – ensuring excellent heat retention within the building.

  • • Excellent Air tightness – the house has so few gaps and holes that almost no air can enter the building other than through the           carefully controlled MVHR unit. 

  • • Passive solar gain – carefully placed windows mean the sun will warm the building naturally.

  • • Low energy appliances – the most energy efficient appliances can dramatically help you reduce your energy consumption.

  • • Renewable energy sources – using solar PV and thermal, wind or other renewable sources allows you to be even more energy             independent.

Our team of air test engineers are familiar with carrying out air leakage testing on Passive House buildings, including: the full suite of services as mentioned above. This is to guarantee you the results required for Passive House Air Pressure Testing ≤ 0.6 ACH. (Air Changes an Hour)

Such is the experience of our Passive House certified ATTMA and iATS engineers we were commissioned to undertake all the required Air Leakage Testing for the first Passive House care home to be built in the UK at Juniper House, Brackley. We were also delighted to be invited to check the performance of the first affordable and social housing development built to Passive House standards in Wimbish near Saffron Walden, following installation changes post completion.

With our extensive knowledge bank, ATSPACE provides Vlogs, Blogs, Free Checklists and other documentation if interested to assist you in your Compliance for Passive House Air Pressure Testing.

Our fully accredited Passive House Air tightness engineers have conducted air testing for over 12,000 customers, surpassing 115,000 air tests and over 1700 Passive house air pressure tests in total since ATSPACE was formed.

Do not cut Corners, use our cost effective 3 stage Strategy to get Passive house air pressure testing compliant. This has not let us down yet.

Largest Knowledge Bank - Lots of videos to assist in your Passive House air pressure testing. Feel free to take a look, or if you fancy speaking to an expert, don’t hesitate to call.

Trusted by 9K+ businesses
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Making this standard as simplistic as possible by using our full suite of expertise from our amazing proactive team, along with our video knowledge bank, checklists and simplistic strategy, we have everything to get you your 100% passive house air pressure testing compliance.

Passive house standard is a relatively new concept developed in Germany in the 1990's, and it is the future of construction. If you want an energy efficient home built to last, with lower running costs, then passive house is for you.

Do you want:

  • • Lower running costs for your build?

  • • Better home comfort?

  • • Lower environmental footprint?

Passive house, I believe, is the fastest growing building standard. This concept can change the course of construction. Eco builds are becoming more popular each year, and with passive house standards, the future is bright. There are many bonuses to building passive. Firstly, you will benefit from lower energy bills, occupancy comfort, and a lower environmental footprint. With passive house, it is an all or nothing approach, but the end result is worth every second.

As an EXPERT in my field, and as an accredited iATS level 2 Air Tester, I was involved with the FIRST commercial care home that reached passive house standards. The outcome was a complete success. I immersed myself in the entire process, from the design stage through to the test completion. Passive house standard is a concept that we will all employ when building. It is not a matter of ‘if’, it's more a case of ‘when’; the future is passive.

 ATSPACE has a customer satisfaction score of over 95%, and a huge 86% of these customers have returned to work with ATSPACE on other projects. The clients are the driving force behind the company, and ATSPACE has become the UK’s No 1 compliance company.

We have the biggest knowledge bank in our industry, and we continue to answer questions, make videos, and write blogs. All of these are published on the ATSPACE website and social media.

Knowledge is power, and it's this outlook that has given ATSPACE the edge since 2008.

Paul Whiffin ATSPACE
Managing Director


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Passive House Air Pressure Testing Videos

What is a Passive House Air Test?

Passive House Air Tests are different to the standard Air Test, for a passive house we have to work out the volume of the build, the volume of the area inside it, we then pressurise the building.

Who Do You Call for an Air Tightness Test?

ATSPACE won’t be beaten on price! Remember the company you use needs to be registered!

Should I have a Pre Air Test?

To get the best from your build, it’s always better to highlight any areas of concern before test day. Benefit from your engineers’ experience!

Case Studies

Take a look at some of the many ways we’ve helped our clients achieve building compliance success on their projects.

“We booked in our Passive air test with ATSPACE and we are glad we did. They were fast, honest, friendly and experienced.”

Roy Saunt

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“ATSPACE is our go-to company for anything compliance related. They always have the time to talk to us, answer our questions and get our tests done quickly”

Ray Hind

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Whether you’re working on a residential or commercial development, rely on us to take care of all your design, consulting, compliance and certification requirements, whatever the stage of your project. When everything is under one roof, why go anywhere else?

Design & planning, part built, as built or energy certification, you can be confident that your project will meet compliance every step of the way. All work is done in-house by our team of dedicated engineers and energy assessors, so you can be sure of an efficient, thorough and top-quality service. To find out more about our multi-disciplinary service offering, simply select the service you require by clicking the icons below. In a rush? Contact us now and get put straight through to a technical expert who will handle your enquiry efficiently.

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