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Our goal is to help all our customers achieve optimum levels of energy efficiency through our comprehensive package of building compliance services.

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Energy Statement

energy assessment

In addition to the provision of your SAP or SBEM Calculations as part of your planning application, many local authorities are now requiring that you provide a Renewable Energy Statement before granting permission to build.

In 2015, the Greater London Authority introduced ‘The London Plan’ – which now requires each development proposal to produce an energy assessment to demonstrate how the targets for regulated CO₂ emission reductions will be met – and these targets now set the bar at a level which requires a 35 per cent carbon reduction target beyond Part L 2013 of the Building Regulations.

Currently, whilst there is no universal standard across the UK – in the drive towards increased energy efficiency – your local council may require you to produce an energy assessment which demonstrates a 10-40% reduction in CO₂ emissions through the on-site generation of renewable energy.

To help you meet local requirements for the preparation & delivery of any required Energy Statement our team of ATSPACE Assessors will:

Liaise with the Local Authority to identify specific requirements

Carry out a detailed assessment of site conditions

Recommend the most appropriate technology for generation of renewable energy

Identify the predicted levels of CO₂ emissions and reduction levels that may be attained

Compile and submit an energy report to meet local authority planning requirements

In our drive to help all our customers meet their building compliance requirements – ATSPACE may be able to offer you this service FREE of CHARGE for large projects. To understand more, please call one of our Energy Assessors today on 0345 6465 454.

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