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"ATSPACE were by far the most competitive around and initially we were concerned but we didn't need to be. They were excellent from start to finish, we will use them every time from now on."

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At ATSPACE, we like to be as transparent as possible. That’s why we’ve provided a breakdown of our costs for every service we provide. Simply click on the filter to find out what you can expect to pay when you select ATSPACE as your building compliance partner.  


Overheating Assessment(s)-Domestic & Commercial

Desk Based Service

Overheating Assessments are required on all new build dwellings to assess the likelihood of overheating. To comply with building regulations Part O.
Simplified Overheating Assessment Floor Area M² Cost
0-50 £125
50-100 £150
100-150 £175
150-200 £200
Overheating Assessment TM52 Sorry Too  Many Variables : Please call for price
Overheating Assessment TM59 Sorry Too  Many Variables : Please call for price
Overheating Assessment BB101
Classrooms of educational buildings.
Sorry Too  Many Variables : Please call for price

Cost Variances - Complex Shapes - Super Large Plots - Multi Dwelling Types - Limited Design Flexibility - High Risk Areas e.g. London

Additional Bolt On Services
SAP Calculations - Desk Base Service From £237 
SBEM Calculations - Desk Base Service From £323

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SBEM Calculations:
SBEM Calculations are solely for commercial (non domestic) buildings. It is a way of calculating your buildings energy performance!

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SAP Calculations:
For all Residential new build and conversion buildings, the approved national calculation methodology, to calculate the energy efficiency of your build and a production of an EPC

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U-Value Calculations:
U-Values will measure your building’s fabric for heat loss. Materials can play a huge part in this calculation so make sure you use the materials most suited to your construction.

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PSI Values:
Psi Values are an expression of the heat lost at the corners and around the windows of your build. Psi values can be calculated by

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Uncomplicated Compliance

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100% Building Control Certified
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EXPERTS in Overheating Assessments
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Elmhurst – STROMA = Overheating Accredited

Overheating Assessments use the TM52 and TM59 methodologies. These refer to both commercial and domestic developments. ATSPACE can help you understand the requirements and ensure that you meet the regulations.

With builds held to higher standards and becoming increasingly air tight, we have to ensure that all other aspects are also considered. With our homes becoming more airtight, this increases the risk of overheating. We need to ensure that we install the correct ventilation for the type of build and the correct placement of windows. Our Expert Assessors can advise on these different and other problematic areas.

The TM52 is the commercial application, and the TM59 is for domestic homes. There are many factors which are taken into account for this assessment, for example the materials used in construction, the layout and the design, the ventilation as stated above, as well as the occupancy and weather in your region.

Your assessor can help you calculate the overheating of your build. If you have any questions, give ATSPACE a no obligation chat. We specialise in uncomplicated compliance, and we endeavour to make your journey as easy and simple as possible.

Market Leaders in overheating Assessments. With Energy Experts inhouse who have a pragmatic approach rather than a problematic one, it’s no wonder we have over 250 5 star google reviews

Now a Mandatory building Regulations. With the One stop convenience package here at ATSPACE you can Have all your Energy Requirements taken care off under One Roof. Enquire Now to find out More

Established in 2008. FASTS Effective Overheating Assessments. Get Your Build compliance designed by our Inhouse Energy Experts to overcome the Overheating Regulation.

Trusted by 9K+ businesses
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ATSPACE was established in 2008, and it was designed to offer uncomplicated compliance to all of our customers. Overheating assessments don't have to be complicated, but it is easier to deal with if you understand a bit more about it. Knowledge is power!

Builds these days are held to higher standards, and quite rightly so. However, by meeting these standards, you must ensure that you are not only air tight, but also have the right ventilation and energy performance.

As previously stated, there are many factors which are taken into account when discussing your Overheating Assessment, for example:

• Materials used in construction

• Ventilation

• Design

• Occupancy

• Weather

• Cooling

• Poor Window Placement

If you’re looking for an overheating assessment, ATSPACE is here to ensure that you reach the requirements and understand the service. Knowledge is power, and we want to share our knowledge with you. We realise that the more our clients understand about the services, the easier the process will be. We have the largest knowledge hub in the industry. This is designed solely with our client’s needs in mind. If you’d like to speak with a member of our team, please don’t hesitate to call. We have dedicated Relationship managers on hand and a plethora of knowledge to pass on.

Give us a call for a no obligation chat!

Paul Whiffin ATSPACE
Managing Director



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Overheating Assessment - Questions Answered

Why Does Overheating Happen?

So some of the reasons why overheating will happen in your property is down to occupancy habits, lack of ventilation in your property, and poor placement of windows.

What Steps Can I Take To Prevent Overheating?

The first step you can take is by the opening windows, either side of your property to allow for proper ventilation, which will cool down your home a lot quicker. Want to know more?

What Is Overheating?

Overheating is when someone experiences abnormally high temperatures in their home, either from internal factors or external factors.

Case Studies

Take a look at some of the many ways we’ve helped our clients achieve building compliance success on their projects.

"Thank you ATSPACE, you sorted our overheating assessment super quickly, we were very impressed!"

Jake Harvey

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"The stress was taken away from our overheating assessment, we left everything to ATSPACE, and we didn't have to think about a thing, thank you!"

Kim Bridges

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Bring All Your Compliance Under 1 Roof. No work is Sub- Contracted out

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Whether you’re working on a residential or commercial development, rely on us to take care of all your design, consulting, compliance and certification requirements, whatever the stage of your project. When everything is under one roof, why go anywhere else?

Design & planning, part built, as built or energy certification, you can be confident that your project will meet compliance every step of the way. All work is done in-house by our team of dedicated engineers and energy assessors, so you can be sure of an efficient, thorough and top-quality service. To find out more about our multi-disciplinary service offering, simply select the service you require by clicking the icons below. In a rush? Contact us now and get put straight through to a technical expert who will handle your enquiry efficiently.

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