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2D and 3D PSI Value analysis – Check your construction detail

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"ATSPACE helped us to understand what PSI Values were and why they were important. We're so grateful for their knowledge, thank you!"

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PSI Value

Desk Based Service

To calculate the overall heat loss at a building junction (also referred a non-repeating thermal bridge) to aid compliance. Includes - Thermal modelling of heat loss at building junctions to increase the accuracy of SAP assessments and improve the chances of compliance - Condensation risk analysis of junctions
Cost £240 + VAT Per Junction
Additional Bolt On Service(s)
U-Value Calculation(s) Desk Based Service £29 Per Calculation
SAP Calculations - Desk Based Service From £237

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PSI value calculation: Consultation – Recommendation
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Implementation in your SAP Calculation Meeting Part L Compliance

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SBEM Calculations:
SBEM Calculations are solely for commercial (non domestic) buildings. It is a way of calculating your buildings energy performance! Book Now.

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SAP Calculations:
New Build and Conversions Part L methodology to calculate your CO2 emissions along with your EPC. Speak to an Expert

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U-Value Calculations:
U-Values will measure your building’s fabric for heat loss. Materials can play a huge part in this calculation so make sure you use the materials most suited to your construction.

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Over Heating Assessment:
Overheating Assessments use the TM52 and TM59 methodologies. These refer to both commercial and domestic developments. Call Now to find out how to comply.

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Uncomplicated Compliance

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100% Building Control Certified
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EXPERTS in PSI values and Cold Bridging Assessments
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PSI Values Accredited with: Elmhurst & STROMA

Following the Future Homes Standard Consultation, we now know what will be included in the next versions of Part L. The 31% uplift on current standards, which will come into effect in 2022, will mean there will likely be greater pressures on all elements of the SAP assessment to achieve compliance. More specifically, regarding the Psi-Values, we also know that the use of government ACDs will be removed, and the default values used for overall compliance are worse. Overall, this means more emphasis is placed on calculated Psi-Values.

With new regulations in place, there will be more emphasis on PSI values, as accredited construction details will be a thing of the past. So what are PSI Values? These are an expression of heat over a metre length of a building junction, so for example, the heat loss occurring between the wall and floor or around windows. U-Values are different, as they refer to heat loss of a surface area. Thermal bridging can occur at the edge of a material, as thermal performance is not as great compared to the centre of a material. This creates a highway for heat loss to occur.

The basic difference between U-Values and Psi Values is that U-Values will establish all areas where heat loss can usually happen, from places including the windows, floors, and even the roof, to name a few. Psi Values check the heat loss from the junctions and the junctions alone. U-values cover the heat loss from a surface area when the Psi Values cover heat loss from a linear length. That differentiates the two, as there is often (understandably) some confusion.

Working out the Psi Values of your build is an extremely specialist job. You will need to ensure that you can show evidence of an approved thermal bridging scheme on your build. To do this, you need to know what your Psi Value is. As stated, if you don’t have these figures calculated, a default figure will be generated for your build. This is more often than not the ‘the worst case’ figure for your type of construction. And over estimates what the actual heat loss is.

We are fortunate to have some highly experienced engineers and energy assessors who carry out PSI values with specialist software, which can calculate in 2D and 3D, which allows us to assess, identify and remediate the thermal bridging detail. Get in touch today to find out more…

Combat Thermal Bridging; PSI Values are here to measure the heat loss and assist in Part L Compliance.

Why do PSI Values matter? Accurate PSI values Can add serious value to your Part L SAP compliance report. Let’s Build Better together

We have over 250+ 5-star Google reviews. Call our PSI Value Experts to get your Cold bridging details assessed along with your FULL compliance Part L Package. Your one stop shop to compliance

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PSI Values are ways to measure heat loss on your building junctions and help create the best possible SAP results for your build. When the continuity of insulation is interrupted by timber studwork or different types of material, a thermal bridge occurs. The uplift to Part L building regulations will mean you will fail your SAP assessment if you do not use calculated psi values.

So this is what we can offer you:

• Same day quotation and booking

• Certified Expert Energy Engineers

• Consultation – recommendations and implementation

• SAP Calculation – PSI value input

• One Stop Shop in Compliance: Pick from our full range of Services to complement your PSI Values

• Part L Building Regulation Sign off

I have over 14 years’ experience in compliance and 22 years in developing properties under my belt, so I have much understanding and hands-on experience in the world of compliance and being a house builder has helped structure our processes at ATSPACE to assist fellow industry professionals to a high standard. Speed and delivery are always of the essence. I will continue to ensure ATSPACE offers the best possible service, designed solely with clients in mind.

Paul Whiffin ATSPACE
Managing Director


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PSI Values - Questions Answered

What Are PSI Values?

PSI Values are very similar to U-values. PSI Values are a crucial part of your SAP assessment.

What Is Thermal Bridging?

Thermal Bridging can affect anyone, it is the heat loss around the building junctions. There are two different types – find out more!

Can A SAP Assessor Help Reduce Our Costs?

Always ask your SAP Assessor what they can do to optimise the materials in your build!

Case Studies

Take a look at some of the many ways we’ve helped our clients achieve building compliance success on their projects.

"ATSPACE are our go to compliance company, we use them for everything and will always use them for everything."

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Whether you’re working on a residential or commercial development, rely on us to take care of all your design, consulting, compliance and certification requirements, whatever the stage of your project. When everything is under one roof, why go anywhere else?

Design & planning, part built, as built or energy certification, you can be confident that your project will meet compliance every step of the way. All work is done in-house by our team of dedicated engineers and energy assessors, so you can be sure of an efficient, thorough and top-quality service. To find out more about our multi-disciplinary service offering, simply select the service you require by clicking the icons below. In a rush? Contact us now and get put straight through to a technical expert who will handle your enquiry efficiently.

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