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“We have been regular customers at ATSPACE. The last time they completed our ventilation testing and we passed first time with great results. The friendly relationship we have with them is important to us, so thank you.”

Josh Thompson

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At ATSPACE, we like to be as transparent as possible. That’s why we’ve provided a breakdown of our costs for every service we provide. Simply click on the filter to find out what you can expect to pay when you select ATSPACE as your building compliance partner.  


Ventilation Flow Rate Testing Services

Site Based Service

Intermittent Extraction Fans (System 1) & Continuous Extraction (System 3)
Including certification for compliance with Part F of the Building Regulations.
No. Plots 1st Plot Cost Additional Plots -
Same Site Visit
1 £187 N/A
2-10 £177 £53
11-49 £147 £50
50+ £117 £47

Cost Variances - No. of Wet Rooms - Super Remote Locations - No. of  Test Carried Out Per Day

MVHR - Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (System 4)
Commissioning and Balancing
Includes certification for compliance with Part F of the Building Regulations
1st Plot Cost Additional Plots - Same Site Visit
£297 £97
Cost Variances - No. of Wet Rooms - Super Remote Locations
Additional Bolt On Service(s)
Air Leakage Testing Same Site Visit as the Ventilation - Site Based Service From £47
Sound Insulation Testing - Site Based Service From £293

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Want More?

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Residential Air Testing:
Why not book your Air tightness testing with your ventilation flow rate testing. Build tight, ventilate right. Let us get both Compliant with our one stop shop for compliance.

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Diagnostic Air Pressure Testing:
A fantastic way to identify uncontrolled air leakage prior to anything being covered up. Get our experienced team in fast to stop any delays in your build completion.

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Vector 43

Air Tightness Drawing Review:
Review your drawings and implement your Air Pressure testing strategy before a spade is put in the ground. 

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Commercial Air Testing:
Commercial buildings also require air pressure testing. Speak to our Relationship managers to understand our full suite of commercial services and get your build Compliant FAST. 

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Uncomplicated Compliance

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Ventilation Flow Rate Certified by NICEIC
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DBS Certified - Feel Safe
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All Systems Commissioned and Balanced

Ventilation Flow Rate Testing is part of the Building Regulations and refers to Part F. Vent Testing, or Extractor Fan Testing, is a way of testing to ensure your ventilation system(s) are working properly and fit for use.

As stated above, there are many abbreviations for these services, including Ventilation Testing, Extractor Fan Testing, Extract Testing, Smoke Vent Testing, Ventilation Test, and the basic go to Vent Test.

With Ventilation Testing, you will need to ensure your build has the adequate air tightness. You can do this by booking an Air Leakage Test; these two compliances go together. By ensuring your ventilation systems are correct and fit for purpose, you provide a healthy living environment within your home. ATSPACE can offer compliance testing for all your regulations, so please do not hesitate to ask. We are your one-stop-shop for your building compliance.

The correct ventilation in your property will eradicate moisture from your build. If it builds up, this moisture will cause mould, mildew, and bad smells (among other issues). Buildings these days are becoming more energy efficient with better air tightness strategies put in place, but by doing that you limit your ventilation, therefore it's key to understand the requirements and the correct system is used.

There are 3 systems which require a flow rate test to, these include:

1. Ventilation Flow Rate Test - System 1 (Intermittent Extract Fans)

2. Ventilation Flow Rate Test- System 3 (Continuous - Centralised or Decentralised)

3. Ventilation Flow Rate Test MVHR - System 4

Here at ATSPACE, we pride ourselves on our ability to know how to get the best from an Extractor Fan Test. The extract rate in which your build disperses water vapour is important, vital even. To get the most from your Extractor Fan Test, it is always best to speak to a compliance engineer at the earliest possible stage to understand the different requirements for the wet rooms, which have different flow rates required.

Our one stop approach will save you money by combining our other services with a single visit. All our engineers are fully conversant in all ventilation flow rate testing, air pressure testing, sound insulation testing, passive house air pressure testing and much more.

Free ventilation checklist is available when you are ready to prepare for your vent flow rate test. Any concerns or questions, please call.

Our engineers have conducted Vent Testing for over 6700 customers and have a record of 91% first time pass rate. We know our clients want “uncomplicated compliance” and we strive to deliver just that.

Our Amazing Engineers team is fully conversant in all the different ventilation testing systems. With this knowledge, it makes it easier to have a team who knows what they are talking about when it comes to your vent test.

Largest knowledge bank in vent testing and ventilation flow rate testing and other services. Can’t find your answers to your questions, please call us.

Trusted by 9K+ businesses
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ATSPACE, with its forward-thinking approach, offers leading design, consultancy, and compliance for every aspect of your project. With a client base from every avenue of the industry, from self-builders to national house builders. I am a developer myself, so I know all about the pitfalls and undue stress these regulations can cause, and I strive to deliver a unique, transparent, stress-free experience.

Ventilation Testing can be referred to in many abbreviations, such as Extractor Fan Testing, Part F Testing, and even the simple, basic Vent Test. Whatever you use as reference, ATSPACE has been designed with systematic processes to enable you, the customer, a FAST effective solution to your compliance requirements.

What can we offer you for your ventilation flow rate testing?  

  • • 91% FIRST TIME Pass Rate

  • • Over 14 Years’ Experience

  • • 100% Building control Certification

  • • Over 6700 Ventilation Tests Completed

  • • England and Wales Coverage

ATSPACE, one of the leading companies in building compliance, has a high record of returning customers, and it is this support that drives the company forward.

I am on the mission for ATSPACE to be the go-to company for all your compliance needs. You, our customers, even our partners, are the only motivation we need. To offer our customers the comprehensive service, unprecedented support, and stress-free experience.

 Get in touch if you want uncomplicated compliance.

Paul Whiffin ATSPACE
Managing Director


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Ventilation Flow Rate - Questions Answered

Why Does My System 1 Fail? 

System 1 are the intermittent fans which come on and off in your bathroom. You need to make sure that you have the correct fan fitted and take a look at the ductwork!

Why Do I Need a Ventilation Test? 

You need to meet Part F of the building Regulations! With more air tight homes being built, you need to ensure that you have the required ventilation.

What Stage Do I Need a Ventilation Test? 

If you’re looking for advice, you should get it as early as possible. However, ventilation is usually tested when the build is completed. This doesn’t mean it can’t actually be tested at any stage!

Case Studies

Take a look at some of the many ways we’ve helped our clients achieve building compliance success on their projects.

“ATSPACE helped us with our vent test right from the planning stage. Without them, we wouldn’t have received the results we did”

Joe Tuck

Early engagement,
proactive support =
Vent installation checked
100% sign off

“ATSPACE has become part of the family. We have always, and will always, come to them for our extractor fan testing and quite frankly, any other compliance. They really are the best of the best”

Justin Warner

Success story,
building relationships =
Go to company for your vent testing

Customer Scope

Bring All Your Compliance Under 1 Roof. No work is Sub- Contracted out

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Whether you’re working on a residential or commercial development, rely on us to take care of all your design, consulting, compliance and certification requirements, whatever the stage of your project. When everything is under one roof, why go anywhere else?

Design & planning, part built, as built or energy certification, you can be confident that your project will meet compliance every step of the way. All work is done in-house by our team of dedicated engineers and energy assessors, so you can be sure of an efficient, thorough and top-quality service. To find out more about our multi-disciplinary service offering, simply select the service you require by clicking the icons below. In a rush? Contact us now and get put straight through to a technical expert who will handle your enquiry efficiently.

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