We’ve all been in the situation where we wonder “what actually are the key elements to passing SAP Calculations?” Well, look no further. We have compiled a list of our top 4½ tips to ensure compliance.

Top Tip #1

LABC Construction Details

LABC (Local Authority Building Control) construction details are designed to minimise heat loss throughout the build corners. These allow us to assign favourable psi values to the Thermal Bridges in the property. These details are set out in order to accurately assess Thermal Bridging and ensure that you have an energy efficient build. LABC Construction details click here.

Top Tip #2

BFRC rated windows with certification

Ensuring you have the correct windows, as well as quality windows, can significantly reduce your SAP Calculation score. Your SAP Assessment will provide proof as to how energy efficient your build is. Windows which come with BFRC certification have been independently checked and graded for use. They are the standard, trusted authority, for windows and doors. Their full name is The British Fenestration Rating Council. BFRC more info click here.

Top Tip #3

Come to ATSPACE at Design Stage

It is important that you seek help from the professionals at the earliest possible stage. Mistakes are always harder to rectify in retrospect. To get the best from your build you must ensure compliance and energy efficiency from the beginning. A SAP Assessor can assist in the design, materials and the shaping of the energy efficiency of your build.

Top Tip #4

Avoid Electric Panel Heaters where possible

Mains electricity currently has a high level of associated CO2 emissions, so this type of heating will severely negatively impact your SAP Calculations. SAP Calculations are there to ensure that your build is as energy efficient as possible. So, reducing your carbon emissions where you can, will set you in good stead.

Top Tip #4½

Always use 100% low energy lighting!

We didn’t feel this deserved a whole tip so we gave it 0.5 weighting.
Lighting is often overlooked when considering carbon emissions and the general energy efficiency of a build. What you might not realise is that energy efficient bulbs, such as LEDs, will provide you with the same amount of light as standard bulbs. There is no compromise! These are a simple, yet effective way of helping reduce your carbon emissions and getting the best possible results from your SAP Calculation!

There’s our top tips for SAP assessment compliance. Take note and call the experts to lead you though the process. Tel: 0345 6465 454 Email: [email protected].

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