Commercial Air Permeability Testing

Project: Tungstan Park, Hinckley
Date: March 2015
Site Description: 7 x new build commercial units (all under 2000m²)
Air Permeability Test Target: 7.00 m³/ (h.m²) @ 50pa

Project objectives

To provide Commercial Air Permeability Testing to Part L2A of the Building Regulations.

What happened?

Commercial Air Permeability Testing to all 7 units was carried out in a single site visit, allowing our client to keep their costs down. We were required to carry out testing to both shell only units and units which had already been fitted out. The client was to seal all units prior to test day – using the advice and guidance given in the free air sealing checklist provided by us – thereby giving our client the best possible chance of a first time pass.

Air Permeability Testing Average Result: 6.68 m³/ (h.m²) (PASS)