Passive House North Place

Passive House

Project: North Place, Bedminster
Site Description: One block of 9 x New Build Apartments comprising of 4 x Single Storey and 5 x Duplex Apartments built using a Timber Frame Construction method

Project objectives

To undertake Residential Air Permeability Testing to meet the Passive House Standard of ≤0.6ACH.

After consultation with the Passive House Certifiers for this project, ATSPACE LTD were instructed to provide a single result for the whole block, whilst demonstrating that the Air Pressure was equalised throughout all dwellings. It is believed that this is the first of this kind in the UK.

What happened?

Our first involvement at North Place was at Membrane Stage, where the testing schedule was accepted and we identified air leakage and problematic areas before providing the client with a checklist of remedial works to undertake.

ATSPACE LTD carried out further diagnostic visits at First Fix, Second Fix and Pre-Testing Stage, working closely with the client and project team to monitor progress; providing advice and guidance along the way.

The final stage of the process was to conduct an On-Completion Air Permeability Test to meet the Passive House Standard of ≤0.6ACH.

Since then

North Place went on to achieve Passive House Standard and ATSPACE LTD have been commissioned to undertake the Part L Compliance Testing and further Passive House Testing to the remaining units on the site.